James’s Holy Communion Party at Bestwood Lodge

james 1

‘Fabulous day thank you David! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed your magic!!’

Lorraine Roberts, 9th June 2018

It was a massive privilege to perform magic at Bestwood Lodge for James’s First Holy Communion party. I was delighted when Mark and Lorraine (James’s Mum and Dad) contacted me after having seen a little of my magic several weeks before.

James’s family had travelled from far and wide to share in this once-in-a-lifetime occasion and everyone was in good spirits. It was a real pleasure to entertain everyone in the comfort of the bar area at this beautiful venue, and then continue with some table-side magic during the meal.

James 2
It was wonderful to entertain James and his family at Bestwood Lodge Hotel.

I always enjoy performing my parlour show of magic. This is a different style of magic and caters for a larger audience. To have an opportunity to deliver a special show after the meal for James, and his family and friends, was an exceptional experience indeed.

Congratulations to James on your First Holy Communion. And thanks again to Lorraine, Mark and all of the family for being such a fantastic group to entertain. I hope to see you all again in the future!

Are you planning an event in Nottingham?

Visit the hotel’s website www.bestwoodlodgehotel.co.uk or phone Jodie and the events team now on: 0115 920 3011.

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Visit David’s website at: www.magician-midlands.co.uk or phone him on 07946 686 258.


Happy Birthday Gem!

It was tremendous to be part of Gem Vending’s 50th birthday party celebrations. Photograph courtesy of Dave Fuller Photography.

It was a massive privilege to be part of Gem Vending’s 50th birthday party celebrations at Langley Mill United Cricket Ground. Gem have been providing state-of-the-art drinks and snacks vending machines throughout the Midlands and Yorkshire since the late 1960s, and their team hosted a memorable occasion. For more details, please visit their website at: Gem Vending.

Dave Fuller - Family Photographer-2018-1
Langley Mill United Cricket Club is a family friendly environment – excellent for all types of event! Photograph courtesy of Dave Fuller Photography.

Langley Mill United Cricket Club was an excellent choice of venue and is in close proximity to Gem’s offices. The club boasts well-stocked bar facilities, function space, and a friendly and diligent events team. Visit their website at: Langley Mill Cricket  Club

Dave Fuller - Family Photographer-2018-2
Contact the sensational Joey of Party2Party today for top drawer children’s entertainment! Photograph courtesy of Dave Fuller Photography.

It was a real pleasure to work alongside the exceptional Joey of Party2Party who enthralled all the children present with his games, magic and fantastic bouncy castle. Joey provides a superb service and has a fantastic personality. If you are seeking first class children’s entertainment for your next special event, visit his website now at: Party2Party.

A party wouldn’t be a party without delicious catering, and Barlows Butchers were a tremendous hit with all of the guests. This family run business has been providing sumptuous meat products since the 1940s. If you are seeking a caterer for your next special occasion around the Langley Mill area, please visit their website at: Barlows Butchers.

I was delighted to meet DJ Eddy Lush again at the celebrations. I had last worked alongside him at a wedding reception several years ago and he was on fine form providing a great selection of tunes past and present for everyone to enjoy. Eddy also masterfully orchestrated a karaoke contest. The standard was very high indeed and it certainly added something very special to the proceedings. So expect to see the contestants appearing on Britain’s Got Talent very soon! Visit Eddy’s website now for a DJ at your next event: Walk on Entertainments.

dave fuller final
Well done to everyone at Gem Vending for organising such a lovely day! Photograph courtesy of Dave Fuller Photography.

Such an important occasion should most certainly be documented for posterity, and the highly talented Dave Fuller was present to capture those magical moments. I am very fortunate that Dave agreed to provide some of his exceptional photographs for this blog article. Professional, personable and meticulous, Dave is perfect for weddings, parties and promotional shoots around the East Midlands and beyond. Hire Dave Fuller for your next event and visit his website at: Dave Fuller Photography.

Congratulations to Gem Vending on your 50th anniversary! Well done to everyone at the company for hosting such a memorable evening. Here’s to the next 50 years…

The author of the article is David Fox, an award winning entertainer and freelance writer based in the UK. Visit David’s website at: David Fox Magic or phone him today on: 07946686258.

Art, Photography and Nostalgia – Nick Elliott’s Extraordinary Journey


‘photography is, was and will always be an art to me’

Acclaimed throughout the world for his iconic rock images, Nick Elliott has established himself as one of the most talented and avant-garde photographers in the business. Persistence, passion and a never say die attitude have driven his continuous quest for ne plus ultra. Yet despite achieving tremendous success – as well as frequently entering the orbits of the illustrious and the influential – Nick remains fiercely proud of his roots.

Happy Family. Left to right: Brother Gary, Mum Coral, Dad Gordon, and Nick. Nick cites his Dad as the major influence in his photography.

Gordon Flanders Elliott (Nick’s father) was the defining influence on his path to becoming a professional lensman. A projectionist at the local cinema, Gordon instilled a deep appreciation of the art of photography in his son. As a child of the pre-digital age, Nick’s earliest memories are of capturing idyllic moments on his Dad’s Brownie camera. These were magical times, when spectral steam trains, romantic rustic vistas, and enchanting English villages would mysteriously materialise within the clandestine chemical-scented confines of Gordon’s darkroom. Halcyon days indeed, Nick savoured family holidays along the alluring Norfolk coastline during the 1960s. Those care-free summer-time sojourns would later inspire his critically celebrated project: Ice Cream & Sun Cream.

Nick began his career capturing stunning rustic vistas around the Cambridgeshire and Norfolk areas.

An inspirational school teacher so often intervenes in the formative years of the outstanding, and Nick cites Tim Raynor as being instrumental in cementing his decision to pursue photography as a career. A visionary, Raynor appreciated and understood the value of offering opportunity to students. His bold decision to provide photography classes at Stanground Comprehensive School (now Stanground Academy) allowed Nick to hone his skills and contribute to the school magazine. Suddenly the immense power of the captured image became apparent, and Mr Elliott would soon progress to the employment of the Peterborough Evening Telegraph and the Peterborough Advertiser.

A maverick by nature. Nick remains true to his roots and celebrates photography as an art.

After courageously embarking on a freelance career, Nick was catapulted into the tumultuous world of motor-sport, serving commissions for prestigious titles such as Auto Car and Car Magazine. It was during this period that the formidable figure of Barry Sheene entered his life and would leave a long-lasting impression.

The legendary Barry Sheene. Nick followed the racing champion throughout his career and documented his most famous victories.

Nick fondly recalls how the racing legend trained close to Peterborough and was a larger-than-life character. Sheene would endure a horrific crash in 1975 at the Daytona 200, but Nick proudly captured his sensational victories at the 500cc Grand Prix in 1976 and 1977. The motorcycle legend’s phenomenal desire to win against overwhelming odds, coupled with his propensity to overcome career-threatening injuries, left an abiding influence.

Halcyon holidays – ‘Ice Cream & Sun Cream’ was shortlisted in the prestigious Vienna Photo Book Awards.

Over a three year period from 2014 to 2016, Nick embarked on a ground-breaking project to recapture the innocence and magic of his formative years. Published in May 2017, and aptly entitled Ice Cream & Sun Cream, it was subsequently shortlisted in the prestigious Vienna Photo Book Festival. It was both an emotional and highly cathartic experience as he sought to recreate his childhood holiday experiences along the Norfolk coastline. Find out more about this seminal production on Nick’s website at: Nick Elliott Press Office.

Like father like son. Gordon with baby Nick on the promenade in Greater Yarmouth. Family seaside holidays remain an integral part of Nick’s heritage and identity.
The author with Nick Elliott

Nick Elliott is available for commercial photo-shoots and special events. His website is: www.nickelliott.photography and phone number: 07881 650883

The author of the article is David Fox, a professional entertainer and freelance writer based in the UK. His website is: www.magician-midlands.co.uk and phone number: 07946 686258.

Nick benefited from an exceptional school teacher. At present, funding for the arts is being cut around the country. Please visit this site to stop school funding cuts: www.change.org


Loughborough Town Hall – For Your Next Special Event

town hall 1

The majestic edifice of Loughborough Town Hall has dominated Market Square since the mid nineteenth century, and this vibrant venue continues to successfully host theatrical performances and exhibitions. However, if you are organising a special occasion, it is also available for weddings, parties and corporate functions.

town hall 2
Many of the top acts come to perform in the Town Hall’s theatre

Having had the good fortune to perform magic at the Town Hall on several occasions, I am always in awe of the tremendous facilities, elegant aesthetics, and stunningly spacious Victorian ballroom. Furthermore, the friendly and dynamic events team make my visits all the more pleasurable. I have very fond memories of providing table magic for Loughborough University’s end of term ball in May 2015. Lecturers and students alike could not speak highly enough of the venue, staff and exceptional catering. It truly was a magical evening at a very unique venue.

town hall 3
The elegant ballroom is perfect for wedding receptions, corporate functions and parties

Loughborough Town Hall are always very keen to promote their tremendous product, and last Wednesday saw them hosting a sold-out networking event in the ballroom. Sponsored by Edward Hands and Lewis Solicitors, it was a resounding success, and provided a wonderful opportunity for local businesses to liaise. The affable Nicholas Furlong was a fantastic host, and Russell Levenston (Managing Director of the Leicester Riders) spoke passionately about his love of basketball and the great achievements made by his team.

town hall 4
Wednesday’s networking event was a tremendous success thanks to the dedication of the events team

If you are planning a party, wedding, corporate event or promotion in the Loughborough area, why not contact the team at the Town Hall today? Customised packages are available to suit your schedule, guest numbers, budget and unique requirements. Visit the website at: www.loughboroughtownhall.co.uk or phone them now on: 01509 231914.

Jackstar Events Ltd – A First Class Service for Weddings, Parties and Corporate Occasions

Jackstar 1

Are you currently organising a special event in the Leicestershire area? Are you seeking a little ‘je ne sais quoi’ in order to ensure your guests have an amazing time? If so, Jackstar Events Ltd of Shepshed will guarantee it truly is a red letter day to remember – and much more!

Jackstar 4
Have a ball with Jackstar Events Ltd!

For the past decade Jack and Louise Quenby, and their highly dedicated team, have been delivering a world class service to event organisers and venues throughout Leicestershire and beyond. The galaxy of outstanding testimonials they have received over the years, along with an ever-growing host of loyal clients, are fitting testimony to the professionalism, consistency and unique quality of Jackstar Events Ltd.

Jackstar 2
State-of-the art customised DJ service and lighting will ensure great success at any occasion.

As well as providing a slick customised DJ service to suit your specific requirements, Jackstar also offer: photo booth, love letters, sensational sparkling dance floors and eye-catching LED cubes. Magical lighting arrangements can also be fashioned to create an unforgettable ambiance at your wedding, party or corporate bash.

Jackstar 3
Book Jackstar’s Magic Mirror and your guests will love you for it!

Jackstar also offer a fantastic Magic Mirror service, and this has proved to be a spectacular hit with all age groups. Why not treat your guests to the dazzling array of mystifying enhancements on offer by one of the UK’s leading event specialists?

Visit Jackstar’s website for more details today: www.jackstarweddings.co.uk

Or phone the team now on: 01509 768520. Email address: team@jackstarweddings.co.uk


Steve and Nicola’s Wedding Day – 30th March 2018 at Makeney Hall

nicola and steve
Congratulations Nicola and Steve! Some Champagne magic. Photograph courtesy of Jo Brew Photography

‘he kept the adults and kids entertained and captivated the whole time’

Steve and Nicola Fairclough, 30th March 2018

I was delighted when Nicola and Steve asked me to entertain their guests at Makeney Hall. We first met at the hotel on Mother’s Day 2017 when I had the privilege of performing some table magic for them. It is always a tremendous endorsement when a couple decide to call upon my services for such an important occasion – and Makeney Hall is a stunning location for a wedding.

nicola and steve 2
Magic is perfect for all generations. Photograph courtesy of Jo Brew Photography.

Drinks reception magic immediately after the ceremony always goes down very well on wedding days, and it was a real pleasure to mingle with Nicola and Steve’s guests in the bar area and drawing room. Close-up effects and routines are entertaining, but also have the added bonus of bringing together friends and family of both bride and groom who may have not met before. Card magic, sleight-of-hand illusions and feats of mind-reading are engaging, direct and very versatile – regardless of where the guests happen to be; they can be entertained.

After the speeches, it was fantastic to perform table magic and some child friendly entertainment in the Milford Suite. One of the most pleasing aspects of a wedding day is the opportunity to entertain all the generations present – from the youngest guest to the eldest. The presence of children on a wedding day always works well and livens up the proceedings. Balloon modelling is a colourful and vibrant addition which amazes both young and old. By this time the party was in full swing, and Nicola and Steve’s guests were a real pleasure to mix with.

nicola and steve 1
Visual magic and balloon modelling are always a hit on wedding days. Photograph courtesy of Jo Brew Photography.

It is always a great bonus if I have the opportunity to perform a special routine of magic for the newlyweds. The exceptional Jo Brew was the photographer for the day and masterfully captured an effect involving Champagne for Nicola and Steve. Jo is available for weddings and photo-shoots around Derbyshire and beyond, and can be contacted on her email address: jojobrewphotography2017@gmail.com. Her tremendous photographs throughout this blog article reveal her fantastic talent and ability to capture the vital moments on a wedding day.

It truly was a spectacular occasion at Makeney Hall and I am very fortunate to have played a role in Steve and Nicola’s magical day. As always, the highly professional team at the hotel did a sterling job in ensuring everything ran smoothly and the guests’ unique requirements were fulfilled. It is always a real pleasure to work with the lovely Antonia and all the conscientious members of staff.

Congratulations to Steve and Nicola!

Visit Makeney Hall’s website at: www.makeneyhallhotel.com or telephone Antonia and the team on: 0330 390 0492.

David Fox is a professional magician and freelance writer based in the Midlands. Visit his website at: www.magician-midlands.co.uk or phone him on: 07946 686 258.


Win A Fantastic Magic Set!

magic set april 1

Do you want to learn magic and amaze all of your friends, family and work colleagues? Enter our competition to win this sensational magic set! A fantastic gift for someone special.

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