Steve and Nicola’s Wedding Day – 30th March 2018 at Makeney Hall

nicola and steve
Congratulations Nicola and Steve! Some Champagne magic. Photograph courtesy of Jo Brew Photography

‘he kept the adults and kids entertained and captivated the whole time’

Steve and Nicola Fairclough, 30th March 2018

I was delighted when Nicola and Steve asked me to entertain their guests at Makeney Hall. We first met at the hotel on Mother’s Day 2017 when I had the privilege of performing some table magic for them. It is always a tremendous endorsement when a couple decide to call upon my services for such an important occasion – and Makeney Hall is a stunning location for a wedding.

nicola and steve 2
Magic is perfect for all generations. Photograph courtesy of Jo Brew Photography.

Drinks reception magic immediately after the ceremony always goes down very well on wedding days, and it was a real pleasure to mingle with Nicola and Steve’s guests in the bar area and drawing room. Close-up effects and routines are entertaining, but also have the added bonus of bringing together friends and family of both bride and groom who may have not met before. Card magic, sleight-of-hand illusions and feats of mind-reading are engaging, direct and very versatile – regardless of where the guests happen to be; they can be entertained.

After the speeches, it was fantastic to perform table magic and some child friendly entertainment in the Milford Suite. One of the most pleasing aspects of a wedding day is the opportunity to entertain all the generations present – from the youngest guest to the eldest. The presence of children on a wedding day always works well and livens up the proceedings. Balloon modelling is a colourful and vibrant addition which amazes both young and old. By this time the party was in full swing, and Nicola and Steve’s guests were a real pleasure to mix with.

nicola and steve 1
Visual magic and balloon modelling are always a hit on wedding days. Photograph courtesy of Jo Brew Photography.

It is always a great bonus if I have the opportunity to perform a special routine of magic for the newlyweds. The exceptional Jo Brew was the photographer for the day and masterfully captured an effect involving Champagne for Nicola and Steve. Jo is available for weddings and photo-shoots around Derbyshire and beyond, and can be contacted on her email address: Her tremendous photographs throughout this blog article reveal her fantastic talent and ability to capture the vital moments on a wedding day.

It truly was a spectacular occasion at Makeney Hall and I am very fortunate to have played a role in Steve and Nicola’s magical day. As always, the highly professional team at the hotel did a sterling job in ensuring everything ran smoothly and the guests’ unique requirements were fulfilled. It is always a real pleasure to work with the lovely Antonia and all the conscientious members of staff.

Congratulations to Steve and Nicola!

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David Fox is a professional magician and freelance writer based in the Midlands. Visit his website at: or phone him on: 07946 686 258.